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    Do you have questions about celiac disease or the gluten-free diet?

Lyza Jay

Scared. Frustrated. Steroids!?!? Whats Going On?!

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ok so my ttg on my most recent test hasnt been sent to me, but my ttg for my "positive" test results from when i was eating gluten, i have.

TTG - 5

Negative is < 20

Weak Positive is 20-30

I got my results back from my small intestine biopsy and the doctors said that it was soo clean and healthy that it is hard for them to believe I have ever even had Celiac before because in most cases you can tell there has been damage to the small intestine even though it is healed... are you KIDDING ME!??! So, I dont know whats going on. She didnt say for sure but she is going to go through all my old records and check out everything... this is NUTS!

She also said i have a very very mild case of gastritis. So we are taking care of that.

I have a feeling a gluten challenge may be the only way to tell. She keeps saying steroids... I keep saying no. Id much rather do a gluten challenge for 3-4 weeks than take steroids for 6 months. I think. Would enterolab be better? I have a feeling they are going to go up the other end to check things out too. Better safe than sorry right?

im just considering this my "tune-up" in life, for now. B)

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