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Can Someone Tell Me The Bad Cosmetic/toiletry Items?

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It does seem like it would be easier but the list of products to be avoided is long and often companies will have one or two products we can use and a bunch that we can't. Some companies are really good at labeling, some are not. At present cosmetics, toiletries and drugs do not fall under the allergin disclosure guidelines that food does so we can't really blame the companies.

I would start by calling the customer service number on products you already use and like, at least the ones that don't already say wheat germ oil, oats etc. You may find some of your favorites are okay. It may take a day or two for the company to get back to you, this is often a good sign and means they really are checking with their lab. I called Nivea recently and it took over a week for the rep to call back but it was worth it as not only the product I was checking on was safe much of the rest of their stuff is also. You can also enter your product name and the word gluten in a search engine, many times if the company has a gluten statement and/or list it will come up on the first page. It can be daunting at first, especially for us girls, if you have celiac related skin problems though it is worth it, you'll know how much the first time you look in the mirror and smile at the skin you see.

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