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Websites For gluten-free Products

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I just wanted to throw this out here and suggest that perhaps we can have a thread which we provide website addresses for companies we do business with to purchase gluten free products. I'll start - rate the site by 'smiley' faces :):):):) 4 = excellent, 3= good , 2 = ok and 1 = pot-shot and/or negative experience - please add any other pertinent info about the company or shipping options, etc.

http://www.kinnikinnick.com/ - for gluten-free baked goods and flours :):):):) - fast shipping $10 fee no matter how large the order. Order value cut off: $200 to the United States due to Customs laws. Ships within a few days of ordering.

http://www.freedavitamins.com/ - vitamins, minerals, supplements gluten-free & Kosher (Circle U Kosher) :):):):) - fast shipping; average shipping prices.

Hope this doesn't come out as "lame advertisement" - then I'll have to re-think this.

Husband has Celiac Disease and

Husband misdiagnosed for 27 yrs -

The misdiagnosis was: IBS or colitis

Mis-diagnosed from 1977 to 2003 by various gastros including one of the largest,

most prestigious medical groups in northern NJ which constantly advertises themselves as

being the "best." This GI told him it was "all in his head."

Serious Depressive state ensued

Finally Diagnosed with celiac disease in 2003

Other food sensitivities: almost all fruits, vegetables, spices, eggs, nuts, yeast, fried foods, roughage, soy.

Needs to gain back at least 25 lbs. of the 40 lbs pounds he lost - lost a great amout of body fat and muscle

Developed neuropathy in 2005

Now has lymphadema 2006It is my opinion that his subsequent disorders could have been avoided had he been diagnosed sooner by any of the dozen or so doctors he saw between 1977 to 2003

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Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

Guest j_mommy

www.sillyyakbakery.com :):):):) Shipping is alittle more expensive, you fill a box and then they ship! VERY good bread...best I have found and it's yummy in a sandwich.

www.grandmaferdons.com :):):) Treats are great...really good pumpkin bars. Shipping is spendy(which is why I put three smily's)

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http://www.barryfarm.com :):):):):)

This site has the cheapest Xanthan Gum. They also have a few other great items! I also buy my cheese powder for Mac and Cheese there. I also buy my sweet dairy whey that I use for bread.


Mom of 4 beautiful girls (the 2 youngest are only 10 months apart!)
Diagnosed with Celiac disease on November 8, 2006; gluten-free as of 12-1-06.

DD#2 13 years old; diagnosed on November 28, 2006. gluten-free as of 12-7-06.
DD#3 9 years old; diagnosed through blood work in October 2006. Gluten-free as of mid-November and doing GREAT!!
DD#4 8 years old; had a scope done on 6-22-07 (at 14 months old) and the dr saw stomach ulcers, but all test results were negative. GI dr told us to put her on the gluten free diet anyway. She is gluten free as of 6-22-07.

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