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I am a 31 year old women. I went to see my doctor due to a vast array of symptoms, including fatigue, brain fog, obesity with Inability to lose weight, Diarrhea, upset stomach, odd sensations in my hands and feet, severe migraine's with stroke symptoms, feeling worse when I exercise, bad memory, depression, anxiety, the list goes on. Really I have a complete feeling of being unwell. My doctor ran a huge set of blood and urine tests on me. The labs show that I have a severe Vitamin D deficiency, a 14, My doctor said that should be at least 50. Also, My liver results came back high. My doctor has scheduled me for a liver ultrasound. All thyroid tests came back as normal. My tissue transglutaminase came back at 12. From what I have found searching around the internet, it seems that anything over a 9 is a high positive for celiac disease. I am still waiting to hear back from my doctor. I am hoping for some insight on what all of this means. Any information or advise will be very appreciated.

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Can you list all your lab results?

Here they are. I don't know what most of them mean. Maybe you do. Thank You.

Tissue Transglutaminase Ab, IgA

Tissue Transglutaminase Ab, IgA. 12



(ng/mL) 86


TrIIodothyronine, Total

T3 121



Free T4 (Free Thyroxine)

T4, Free 1.36

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel


K 4.2

ALT 63

Na 135

Ca 9.1

AST 52

Cl 105

Creatinine 0.76

CO2 24

Prot 7.1

Anion Gap (Na Cl CO2) 6

GFR Est. by MDRD eq. >60

Alb 3.8

Bili, Total 0.5

BUN 12

Alk Phos 73

Glucose 78


Urine Macro


Color Normal

Appear Normal

Nitrite Negative

Hgb, Ur Negative

Glucose, Ur Negative

Collect Method, Ur Urine

Leuk Esterase Negative

Ketones, Ur Negative

Sp Gr, Ur 1.012

Prot, Ur Negative

Urine Microscopics


Bact Negative

RBC, Ur 3

WBC, Ur 2

Mucus 1

Epi, Ur 2

Manual Differential


Diff Type Manual Diff


Lymphs, Abs 2.2

Plt Est Agrees with count PLTOK

Mono, Manual 8

Lymph % 29

Neut, Manual 63

Neut, Abs 4.9

Mono, Abs 0.6

Vitamin D 25 Hydroxy

25 Hydroxyvitamin D2 And D3 14


Thyroid Stimulating Hormone

TSH 1.89



pH 5.5

CBC Without Diff


RBC 4.60

HGB 14.8

MPV 9.8

MCHC 34.6

MCH 32.1

Nucleated RBCs,

MCV 92.8

PLTS 220

Hct 42.7

WBC 7.7

RDW 13.1

Vitamin B-12 (RIA)

B12 1035



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There should be a scale associated with your TTG numbers. Different labs use different ranges, so the numbers in and of themselves are impossible to evaluate without the range.

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