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Blood Tests Alone Over A Biopsy

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I want to see if any one here can help me. I was diagnosed last November by a positive biopsy with the upper endoscopy. Then the blood work followed.

My sister has been having some bad health issues since her husband of 40 years died last year and I suggested she get a celiac panel run. Her results are: Trans glu was 28.6 with <4 as

normal. My Endomysial AB was positive when it should be negative.

My question is this? Does that mean she has Celiac or she COULD have Celiac disease.

Thank you for your help

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Celiac can run very strongly within families. If your sister is going to biopsy she should stay on gluten until that is done. The day of the biopsy should be her first gluten free day. Please accept my condolences on your families loss. It is not unusual for this type of stress to trigger celiac. I hope she does well after she has a bit of time to heal. Positive bloods are now being seen as pretty certain that celiac is present. Negative blood tests should always be questioned if folks are symptomatic as should a negative biopsy. False negatives are all too common in both. No matter what the test results are a gluten free trial should be done after testing is finished.

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