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I,m New Here,i Have Questions

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Hi everyone,I,m new to this forum. For the last few years,I have been having chronic diahreea(SW)

I have just ignored it. Well the 3rd week of December I,m scheduled for a colonascopy.I,m so scared. I,m wondering if I might have Celiacs,,I have so much bloating along with the diahreea. My husband and I like to have a few beers over the weekends,but everytime I do,I spend alot of time in the bathroom. I also have Sjogrens disease. I,m 53 years old. I,m wondering,what happens when you have Celiacs and drink beer? Is it felt right away? I,m not feeling good.

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Hi and welcome to the forum, Janet.

Well, beer is certainly one thing that celiacs should avoid, made with malted barley. Reaction times to gluten vary with the individual and with the gluten carrier; my experience is that the reaction to beer happens rather quickly which is why I quit drinking it long before I quit gluten altogether. Why is your doctor doing the colonoscopy? i.e., what is he looking for?? Do you think you could convince him to to an upper endoscopy while he's about it, and take biopsy samples for celiac disease, because if that's what you think you have that's what should be done? That way you could get both procedures done with one prep. You will not find evidence of celiac in the colon, only in the upper intestine. Have you ever had any celiac blood tests done??

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