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How Fast Does Your Stomach React When You Eat Gluten?

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first off, hello!

Just like the title says, if you go a few weeks gluten free, and perhaps are feeling a bit better (without biopsy or positive bloodwork - but gluten intolerant with elevated gliadin agg) how long would you say your stomach takes to react if you have just eaten gluten? Hours? Days? What type of symptoms? Thnx,


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I've not been "formally diagnosed" but I did do testing through enterolab that indicated elevated IgA levels and that I do have a sensitivity to gluten. I've been off gluten for 6 weeks now and have been glutened a few times. Once because I needed to know if I could eat gluten again, a couple of times on accident.

I start getting nauseous a few hours after I eat gluten. It's not bad, but it gets gradually worse. The bad symptoms don't usually come until the next morning. I wake up with my belly and intestines cramping and I have really bad gas pains in my stomach. I limp around the house, trying to pull myself together and I can't eat because the thought of food makes me want to run to the bathroom. It gets better throughout the day and can usually eat a little bit before bed. The next day I still have some gas and a little nausea. 3 days later I feel normal again.

So my symptoms start subtly a few hours afterward and I get hit the hardest about 12-16 hours later. It takes a few days for the symptoms to go away completely. Hope this helps!

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