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Does My Symptoms Seem Like Celiac?

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For a life time I have been a bean pole, as an adult I could never gain wieght and stuck around 110 lbs (5' 5"). In the last year all hell has broken loose with viruses and bacterial infections, cervical displacia, hip problems, and my diarrhea problem just kept tugging along (have had diarrhea / loose stool for about 4 years now). At one point I lost 7% of my body weight unitentionally within 5 days with brain fog, rapid heart rate, perfect blood pressure went sky high and what ever blood testing they did came back negative. I kept going in to my small town clinic and they were stumped -- they even started to blame it on anxiety. About 4 weeks ago I had a right side ache so bad I drove myself to the ER when it did not go away in 4 days. They took some blood and urine and did the ab / pelvis CT scan. Everything came back normaly, what they checked for is unknown but they did say appendix okay and no kidney stones. Okay the pain finally fell down to tolerable level 3 days later but it felt like someone was pushing on my upper right quadrant and noticed I was slightly swollen. I did not go see another doctor right away for this since I had to have a LEEP done and then to the Orthopedic to figure out why I was having sciatica like pain on the right (my butt hurt, hip and thigh hurt like hell).... Will not got into the hip saga since it not relavant here. Last week I went to a new doctor and he called for a liver and pancreas function blood tests. My lipase level was elevated enough that yesterday I had to get an abdonimal sonogram done.

Since I now seem to have a pancreas problem I switched from the "gain" weight diet to a low-fat low-carb diet untill they can figure out what is going on. Yes I am still eating gluten foods.

I read somewhere that undiagnosed cealic disease can cause pancreas problems. So wondering if I should not ask my new doctor for the blood test.

PS: I have had hyperthyroidism like symptome for YEARS, yet the blood tests came back normal range. I am not sure if the small town doc thought to check insulin / glucos level --- they ruled my rapid heart rate episodes as anxiety - panic attacks, but maybe that was the first sign of a pancreas problem since I had a cortisone injection into the hip and this can cause glucose levels to lower in some people.

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With all of those symptoms, I would definitely ask to be tested for Celiac. They may try to tell you that it couldn't be Celiac for whatever reason, but don't be afraid to push. And don't stop at bloodwork, get an endoscopy too. I'm not saying all your symptoms are definitely Celiac, but it's definitely worth getting tested when you can't find any other answers. If all the tests come back negative, you might try the gluten-free diet anyway, but wait until after the tests to start it as going gluten-free early can produce false negatives. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!!

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