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Digestive Upsets

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OK, just a warning. There is about to be TMI (too much information) shared here about "digestive" problems. Skip out now if you are tender.

I'm diagnosed with Celiac and have responded fairly well to the diet. My main symptoms were neurologic and I had very little "digestive" upset with the exception of a 3 month window early on and a 1 month window where I only ate nuts, bread, and popsicles because I was in so much pain (pre-diagnosis). Fast forward to now. 18 months on the diet and exploring the possibility of additional diagnosis with an army of doctors. Absolutely no cheating and I'm 99.9999% certain no cross contamination.

Lately, I've been back to lots of pain with bowl movements. Hubby says this is not anything he's experienced. I never did until a few years ago. So, I'm experiencing BM's that suddenly trigger the urge and once I start, the pain is diffuse cramping throughout my back and belly and sharp in the perfect shape of my colon across the front of my belly. This lasts 10 -20 minutes while I pass soft stool and then abruptly stops and I'm happy normal again until a few days later when I need to go again. This is becoming more frequent and maybe a bit cyclic. I have been eating lots of fiber in the form of nuts, flax, and fruit. I'm getting worried about embarassing myself being locked in the bathroom at work. Also, occassionally the stool is whitish which I've figured out is gall bladder related, but this tends to come after a bad migraine, so I'm thinking it is related.

So does this sound familiar? Is this something else? Normal? Just what you get when you eat too much fiber? I can't beleive I just posted my bowel habits on the internet.

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I think a trip to the GI would be in order, and maybe a colonoscopy. The white stools could be a candida problem, and that's pretty easy to fix. It shouldn't be painful to poop. Maybe you're getting too much fiber? 30-35 grams per day is really all you need.

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