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Still Confused About Gene Types?

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tried doing a search for DQ7 but I can't get the search engine to really narrow it down for me...

I'm confused how DQ5 is really DQ1? I'm sorry, I feel a bit stupid but I'm not understanding that? I had read about DQ1 causing neurological problems, but havent' see it explained about DQ5 being DQ1?

I did find a study that linked DQ7 to milk intolerance, which is interesting....I've been trying to do some internet searches, but haven't found what I am looking for.

I will try to do another search for DQ7 and 5 on here and see if I can find anything....any tips on searching would be helpful, I can't seem to narrow it down....

I guess what I'm seeing is that any of the genes according to enterolabs besides DQ4 can be linked with gluten intolerance, sensitivity, etc.

I am having a hard time convincing my family to go gluten free if they don't think there's enough "proof"....we don't have typical symptoms, but other things like autoimmune, PCOS, bedwetting, and general allergies. I read somewhere it can take 1-2 years to see results, so I'm trying to find more information on the genes and understand them better so I can show them some links between genes and gluten....however, I feel even more confused since starting!


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Hi, in theold days they could not discriminate between DQ5 and 6 yet. They called it (nicknamed, really) DQ1. Later they could discriminate and then they called them DQ5 and 7.

And they could split DQ3 into 7,8 and 9.

Threre are even two forums where there are gluten sensitive DQ1, braintalk forum and neurotalk forum, gluten sensitivity. Thye have some interesting liks etc.

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