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Borderline Results?

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Hi there, this is my first thread.

It is very nice meeting everyone.

Sorry we have to be here, but thank you for being here and this wonderful site.

Just a quick background, I will try not to bore ya!

I have been sick for like 10 years now. REally bad the past five. I have a horrible back that looks like a falling stack of wafers, I have active arthritis in my knees. I have been diagnosed as having severe fibromyalgia. I am on a lot of medications for pain.

I have always suffered from low iron. I can't ever get it up. I had to stop bothering to donate blood because I couldn't pass their test. My iron is always low, even with supplements. I have low potassium.

About 8 years ago I was tested for irritable bowel. The dr was concerned how I waffled from normal stool to diarreah. Then I cut back on sugar and it went away for the most part. For the past year and a half my digestive issues have gotten worse. The most recent is heartburn. Never been bothered except when prego. But I often have naseau(sp?) and I feel like I have been kicked in the gut. I have had pain in the lower abdomen in the morning that has had me curled in the fetal position. I have days where I just dont' feel like eating. Of course I dont' lose weight. Weight has always been an issue.

I had my thyroid go a little awry. But not enough to raise concern.

Other misc is periods of hair loss. Dry skin. Dry eyes. Fingernails have divets in them and I have never had to cut them because they break off. Extreme fatigue. Extreme pain.

My mother has suspected celiacs for some time now. I have been in denial. My step fathers mother has it. We even did walks for celiacs awarness some time ago. So my mother knows something about it. When H(husband) and I got married, we even had a gluten free cake made for her so she could have cake at our wedding.

So I finally got up the courage to tell my doctor about the stomache pain. He instantly suggest celiacs, and sent me for a test. He was concerned, he usually brushes anything off on the fibro. he told me to do the test on my way out. So I called him for the results today. He said he some of the numbers were off. He said my vit D was really low. Now I take vit D, 4,000 mg a day in fact. He said my celiac test was borderline. He wanted me to come into his office pronto. I told him I took vit D supplements. He said it wasn't enough. And that was the end of the convo.

I have had ten years of negative results. I am actually kinda stunned it even came back borderline. But from what I have been reading, I think there may be a pretty good chance that I have it. I am not willing to admit officially till doc says so. Just wondering what your thoughts were.

The big question for me is: I am on prednisone to control my pain. Prednisone is the only thing that can. It makes me feel better. My stomache problems lessen when I am on it. Can prednisone affect my results. Could it be making a positive borderline?

Thank you so much for any help and input. I hope everyone has a healthy, happy day.

This was posted by the member whom I am quoting, but for some reason the original post cannot be seen. I am posting this as a new thread so that the post can be seen.

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thank you!

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