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What Do They Look For During A Gastroscopy?

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I had a weak positive blood test for Celiac by pcp, started the diet about two weeks ago, and saw a gastro doctor yesterday. He is going to do a gastroscopy but told me to go back on the gluten for two weeks before he does the scope. Now, I know they do a biopsy to check for Celiac but do they look for anything else? Do they check for damage in other places too?

I only ask because I have had shortness of breath and a lot more pain in my ribs and chest. When I mentioned it to him, he said that shortness of breath was not a symptom of Celiac but sometimes lymphoma of the intestines can cause it. Let me ask while I am at it, if there was any kind of cancer present, wouldn't that have been reflected on my blood tests? My wbc count was normal.

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