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I'm Miserable. :-(

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I got my Zofran directly from Glaxo-smith Kline, and it wasn't gluten free - at least not when I got it in late 2008 and early 2009. I've heard that it depends on where it was manufactured. Too risky for me b/c I was reacting to it.

This time I took the liquid orally, or I took it through my PICC line.

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I know how you felt with the loyalty thing with work. I am stressed about the same thing, but SOOOO sick all day every day. Today i finally called out...and the guilt is eating me up on top of throwing up everything i've tried to put down today. Stupid ethical conscience.

While perusing the site, I saw the "I'm Miserable" post under pregnancy and I had a feeling it was regarding morning sickness. I have one child, and she's 7, but I still remember the awful pregnancy I had. I now realize that it's very common for undiagnosed celiac's to be very ill throughout the pregnancy. I was hoping for the other women on this board that following a gluten free diet would ease up the symptoms. I pray that you are like most women and in a couple of weeks the symptoms will go away.

The hardest thing for me about my pregnancy is that I was hanging on the promise of feeling better by the second trimester. Truth is I was nauseated the entire time. It took me awhile but I learned to manage it. I ate CONSTANTLY. I started out underweight so the doctor wasn't concerned with my weight gain, until the end. I think I was still underweight at 20 weeks, and then I went on to gain 40 pounds in the last 20 weeks. But eating eased my symptoms. There was a Thai restaurant by my work that made a great ginger soup. I went there every day for lunch. Finally when my belly started popping out that realized why I was eating the soup every day. They didn't even take my order...just brought me my soup.

I don't know if this is still recommended but I took Unisom and B6 in combination and it really helped with the nausea and helped me sleep. (This was okayed by my gyno). Also for the very worst months when I couldn't keep anything down I took Zofran.

Toward the end of the pregnancy I let myself drink a tea every day (with caffeine) For some reason that always settled my symptoms.

I don't know if you're working or if you have other kids, but my plan was to stay home after we had a baby. I don't know why I continued to work so hard fighting the nausea every day, when I wasn't even going back. I just felt too loyal I guess. Anyhow, finally about 2 months before my daughter was born I quit working and I just felt so much better. I think the stress was really adding to the nausea. If you can at all set up a world where all you have to do is grow that little baby, which is a HUGE job, then do it. Don't feel guilty.

If you need to send my a private message you are welcome. I will try and encourage you in any way I can. My best friend had a baby 9 months before I got pregnant and she was sick the whole time too. I called her every day (didn't even think that she must be exhausted with a new baby) but she talked me through so much. Sometimes just having someone say, "I understand...you can do this" makes a huge difference.

Hang in there. IF you already have kids you know it's so worth it. YOU CAN DO IT! Rest, eat, ask for help, give yourself a break!

Good luck!!!

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