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New - Please Help. Living In Australia

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I would love it if anyone in Australia would make them self available to take a phone call from me so I can pick their brain. I am cool with the fact that I

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Two things jump out at me ;

a) I have never heard of a test where you go off gluten for a week and then introduce gluten capsules. This seems very very odd to me - as it takes some people years on a gluten-free diet to see the difference. Some people take months and some days. Seriously - a week is nothing in terms of gluten-free diet.

B) Tests are notorious for being falsely negative. Your brother has it - you have felt better on a gluten free diet. Just because the blood test was negative does NOT mean that you aren''t celiac.

What Sjogren's symptoms are you displaying? As you may be aware autoimmune diseases go hand in hand, so its quite common to have more than one.

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