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Miserable And Frusterated

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I am a 17 year old girl, am allergic to milk protein and am completely dairy free. everyday about an hour after i get up i start experiencing these symptoms (this has been going on for a month and every couple days for a month befor that), they don't let up at all for at least an hour or two sometimes three, i am a good student but i can't focus lately because i am so distracted. later in the day my symptoms show up periodically usually dully in the background with occasional bursts of discomfort, like after dinner or a snack...here are the big ones...

-excessive gas

-LOUD stomach noises

-feeling bloated

-abdominal cramping/sharp pains/ache


-loss of appetite


-feeling oddly faint

-unexplained shortness of breath

-i am tired all the time

-also during the first 24 hours of my period i have the most unbearable cramps

about nine months ago i went to the doctor, miserable from constant digestive problems, suspecting a milk allergy and wondering about celiac...my mother felt the same way and the doctor seemed to be on board, they ran some blood tests (i wish i had been more attentive to what ones, i know for sure they did a 21 common food allergy one) i was positive for milk protein allergy and vitamin D and calcium deficient and that is all the info i got from her. After a few months of total relief (and eliminating dairy) i was thrilled then but now the terrible tummy troubles are back and i just want to get better this time. The last doctor i saw was not very good at communicating and i don't feel like she listened well...

does anyone else think it could be celiac or gluten intolerance (because of the allergy test i already had i doubt a wheat allergy)? should i find another doctor? a specialist? get more tests? any advice?

it's much appreciated! :)

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Get actual paper or email copies of all the tests run. You may have to get your mom to do that because you are not 18. Then you can see what was tested for. celiac isn't an allergy but they could have done those blood tests.

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What Karen said and yes it could be celiac. Gluten and milk intolerance go hand in hand.

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