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  1. I am a 17 year old girl, am allergic to milk protein and am completely dairy free. everyday about an hour after i get up i start experiencing these symptoms (this has been going on for a month and every couple days for a month befor that), they don't let up at all for at least an hour or two sometimes three, i am a good student but i can't focus lately because i am so distracted. later in the day my symptoms show up periodically usually dully in the background with occasional bursts of discomfort, like after dinner or a snack...here are the big ones... -excessive gas -LOUD stomach noises -feeling bloated -abdominal cramping/sharp pains/ache -nausea -loss of appetite -reflux/indegestion -feeling oddly faint -unexplained shortness of breath -i am tired all the time -also during the first 24 hours of my period i have the most unbearable cramps about nine months ago i went to the doctor, miserable from constant digestive problems, suspecting a milk allergy and wondering about celiac...my mother felt the same way and the doctor seemed to be on board, they ran some blood tests (i wish i had been more attentive to what ones, i know for sure they did a 21 common food allergy one) i was positive for milk protein allergy and vitamin D and calcium deficient and that is all the info i got from her. After a few months of total relief (and eliminating dairy) i was thrilled then but now the terrible tummy troubles are back and i just want to get better this time. The last doctor i saw was not very good at communicating and i don't feel like she listened well... does anyone else think it could be celiac or gluten intolerance (because of the allergy test i already had i doubt a wheat allergy)? should i find another doctor? a specialist? get more tests? any advice? it's much appreciated!
  2. So, i am 16 and have been having "tummy problems" my whole life. Recently (within the last year, and specifically that last couple months)my symptoms have gotten progressively worse. I have been researching possibilities and celiac seems to me like the one that fits the most but i would really appreciate another opinion to convince myself i am not crazy My symptoms are... -stomach pain/discomfort/cramping (pretty much all the time especially after eating certain foods) -bloating and gas -occasional diarrhea/vomiting -feeling wierdly faint (like the room is spinning) -random occasional muscle cramps -reflux and indegestion pretty frequently -shortness of breath (feeling like i cant get enough air in each breath) When i was a baby I had problems with dairy but I could still tolerate small amounts and highly saturated ones (like ice cream and pizza, small amounts of cheese etc.) about a year ago i started to gradually feel worse after eating those previously okay things and now i eat little to no dairy ever. But i am still feeling bad, I have really disliked eating because most of the time it makes me feel sick and so i started researching and after hearing about all this gluten stuff i think it might be the culprit. SO i have a doctors appointment next week and as i have heard many doctors are pretty unknowledgeable so i wanted to hear from some personal experts what they think before i talk with the doctor. thanks
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