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Hey again,

Been back at school two days, still have this rotten cold and have been having horrible back pain barely kept down with 4 ibuprofen every 6 or so hours. I have assumed this is from the cold but in the past it has been "random". Also Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday night I had a very strange burning in my stomach. I do mean in my stomach, the exact spot where a stomach is. Felt like heartburn but its too low, its right under my rip cage. I was for sure glutened on Saturday, but didn't have any immediate symptoms other then instant fatigue. Do you guys get sick more then 24 hours after being glutened. I also had Applebees only 3 or so hours before and was probably glutened then as well. Any comments on this?

Next Question, Itchy hands after showering. I have always had this on and off, never thought anything of it. We bought gluten free shampoo and soap and for 5 days the itching was gone, last night it was back and worse then ever. I washed them after the shower and sprayed them with benadryl spray. Then washed them again. Finally it went away. Just wondering if you ever have itchy hands? My scalp used to itch before we switched to gluten free shampoo, but now it has stopped.

Question #3, Do Chex Cereals that have a gluten free label, have gluten in them. Every day I eat some gluten free chex, I think its Rice Chex or something. I once read something about them not being gluten free a while ago. Is it true?

Here is just a little funny: My pottery teacher has Celiacs (positive blood test, positive Biopsy of DH area on his knee). This man has never had a single stomach or internal symptom in his life. So he thinks I am whimpy or lame for missing school for "just celiacs"... Fun guy but we do but heads on occasion. Thanks to all in advance, you guys have been really helpful. B)

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I'm not sure how long you have been gluten-free but two times being glutened at any time is far to many...If you are new to gluten-free then you may be detoxing. Then by getting gluten you are sabotoging your body...You may need to eat clean for a few months, meaning no junk food, no eating out, just plain old meat, fish, veggies, fruits...

Which side of the rib cage is the pain?

Itchy hands___ any rashes,or sores?

Chex marked gluten-free are within the 20ppm guideline, but that doesn't mean that everyone can eat them & not get ill... SOme are super sensitive...

Your teacher is lucky not to have any issues with this disease but he/she should also know that every person is different on how our bodies react...

Have you cutout dairy?

Haveyou had your gallbladder checked out?

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By pain if you mean the burning in my stomach it is in the middle. If by back pain it is also in the middle.

Not really any sores on the hands.

I have stopped drinking milk, but I still eat cheese and yogurt along with butter. Do I need to cut it all out?

Have had ultrasounds before and had colonoscopy and endoscopy, nothing specifically checking my gallbladder.

Been gluten free for 2 weeks today. Not counting the 2 times I got glutened.

Do I need to cut out soy?

Positive Blood Tests Neg Biopsies. Could it be something other then Celiacs? (thought been much better tummy wise off gluten)

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Hi Booghead,

1. "Do you guys get sick more then 24 hours after being glutened?"

Yes. Sometimes I get sick sooner, but sometimes I get a reaction 1-2 days after what I suspect is the culprit.

2. "Next Question, Itchy hands after showering. I have always had this on and off, never thought anything of it."

I used to have tingling sensations (diagnosed with neuropathy, and my neurologist mentioned that the warm shower intensifies neuropathy.) That could be another symptom of getting glutened, it happens to me still when I get smacked, and actually takes longer to reside than the gastro issues for me. The gluten-free soaps & shampoos helped me so much too.

3. "Do Chex Cereals that have a gluten free label, have gluten in them?"

I don't recall reading this. I have the gluten-free rice checks about once a week for breakfast. Other breakfasts that are quick and safe are safe peanut butter & fresh banana or apple, a couple of nuked Jones sausage and rice links and/or a nuked scrambled egg, with/without cheese. I like a gluten-free ricecake spread with PB and sliced banana too. Today I had a tangerine and a handful of macademia nuts.

I think I'd butt heads with your pottery instructor too. You'd think he'd be more well informed about the disease he has, but maybe some artistic types aren't into research?

Hope this helps. I read some online reviews about eating off the gluten-free Fernbars (not just Applebees) that haven't been positive, so I've avoided them, or ate before going and just had beverages.

Hope this helps, and that you feel better soon!

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Everyone is different, but I absolutely react to Chex cereals and have heard other people on here say the same thing. I went on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet when I was first diagnosed and miserably sick and getting CCed all the time. It's admittedly a huge pain in the butt, especially for a college student, but maybe something to consider. It really gave my body the break it needed.

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If you have celiac, you should avoid ALL dairy for the first few months. Why? because lactase, which is the enzyme that breaks down the sugar lactose, is produced in the tip of the villi.

When the villi get blunted in celiac disease, sometimes the ability to digest lactose is decreased and you can become lactose intolerant. This may cause bloating, stomach cramps, diarrhea, etc. After you go gluten-free, the villi will heal and you will likely be able to tolerate dairy foods again.

If you were recently glutened, the itching is likely from that. It should calm down.

I could be wrong, but I think many people complain about Applebee's. Why not avoid such places for a few weeks until your gut calms down?

and finally, gluten-free Chex cereals do not bother me and I am very sensitive. Everyone is different, though.

More likely, you are still just healing!

Two weeks is not long enough for you to be healed, kiddo. Try to be patient. It takes a while for villi to regrow.

Best wishes!

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So I now see that you are very knew to gluten-free... Just so you know healing does not happen overnight it can take some people two years or more.Some even after five years have stomach issues.. Your body needs to adjust to the changes that is taking place..It was used to something(wheat) & now you are starving the wheat out of your body.The body has fighting mechanisms to fight off Ie: colds,germs,& ect.. You will detox & at times it makes one feel worse at first instead of better..

I suggest, no dairy, no soy & again clean eating for at least three months...

I would get the gallbladder checked out..also check for leaky gut

You also should try digestive enzymes before eating ( I use digest gold)& probiotics.....on an empty stomach..

Itching hands,could be the soap gluten-free or not, flouride & chemicals in the water makes me itch....I use now the miracle II soap & neutilizer.No itching...

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