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Help With Lab Word

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*Help with Lab Work* mistype

I got some of my bloodwork back that they did in the hospital right after the biopsy (that came back negative)

My doctor is going to run some more bloodwork, iron, hep, etc. Since he swears I dont have celiac because his biopsy was negative, is it possible that the enzymes could be above normal?

here are my labs

ALT (SGPT 79H (10 - 40)

AST (SGOT)39 (8 - 40)

Specimen slightly hemolyzed

CO2 30H (22 - 28)

Anion Gap 5L (8 - 16)

Any info would be helpful...the CBC was perfect, no elevation in any counts.

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hemolyzed is the most common reason for lab results bring rejected do yours aren't completely reliable because of this so he should run them ALL again

also hemolysed blood can be due to anemia , an autoimmune (!) condition, or plain sloppy lab tech's

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