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Hi Everyone

I posted a few weeks ago, wondering if I should mention celiac to my Dr....got some great advice, thank you all. I have been popping in and out of the site as I can relate to so much each of you are going through or have gone through.

Well, as I had a long time until my next Dr appointment, I decided to go gluten-free for a short while, just to see what happened. Well, what I can say is that within a few days, my energy levels returned, stomach pains and bloating all but disappeared, was sleeping better, felt less anxious and depressed, BM's returned to almost normal, no gas or horrible loud gurgling noises from my tummy and throat. Felt so much better.

But with 3 weeks to go until my Dr appointment, I realised I had to go back to eating gluten in case they agreed to test to make sure I don't get a false negative. Been back on gluten since Saturday and since then....pretty much everything has come back! But this time with added symptom of awful muscular pain in neck and shoulders and random pains down my arms that come and go. I feel cold all the time, even though in the UK it is warm just now. BM's have got horrible again and lots of smelly gas (sorry if TMI!). I feel dreadful again :o(

I think I definitely have at least some kind of intolerance if not Celiac itself..... will be interesting to see what my doctor says on 12th June...

Would be interested to hear views from anyone out there! Thanks in advance!

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Well, I always say this when people tell me a similar story and ask me "Do you think this is a gluten intolerance?"

I answer: "If you DIDN'T have a problem with gluten, you wouldn't have so many awful symptoms disappear off it and then return when you ate it again, now, would you?"

Stay on gluten, even though you feel awful.

Have the testing done.

Best wishes!

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Stay strong & stay on gluten. 3 weeks and counting down. You're a warrior; you can do this!

And when it's all over just think --- you won't have to eat gluten for the rest of your life!

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