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I know I have been posting a lot, and a lot of what I post, I can search for, and I have, but I do like having an actual recent discussion so I guess that's why I post. lol.

Anyway, I am 35 now and I really feel like I have been slapped across the face hard with reality. All of the problems I have had for 17 years..and I never once linked them together. I thought I was falling apart, bit by bit and that I would spend the rest of my life chasing down one dr after another for the various things wrong with my body. And when I have gone to the dr's for my ailments, each of them have all shrugged their shoulders and said "I don't have any answers..you are perfectly healthy" which led me to believe I was a hypochondriac, so I stopped complaining and learned to just cope with it.

Anyway, the newest thing I realized after keeping a food journal for the last 5 months or so is that what I thought was hypoglycemia is most likely a reaction to gluten.

I get very shakey, weak, light headed, dizzy and feel the need to EAT RIGHT THIS MINUTE RIGHT NOW!!!! and if I dont eat right that second...my eye sight goes blurry and within an hour or so..the migraine sets in. I get what is called Opthalmic (sp) migraines. They dont ALWAYS hurt but they always mess up my eyes, and I always knew it was related to that shakey, hungry, dizzy feeling.

So within the last few weeks, it has happened several times. I am not gluten-free right now because I am seeing a new dr next week, but the first time I had JUST eaten some crepes at work. I had an egg on the side for protein, but an hour later, I got that low blood sugar feeling like I needed to eat. I work in a restaurant so it was easy to grab some oraange juice and some cheese and I sat down, closed my eyes and prayed for it to go away. It did, but several hours later. It was a tough day at work.

Recently, it happened today. I ate a muffin and a peice of ham and while I was driving, it hit me so hard. I had to pull over. Shakey and light headed. After I while, I headed home and made a hamd and cheese sandwhich. I am sitting here, ok, but too light headed to stand up...so I googled any relation to gluten and hypoglycemia and BAM..there it is.

I had gone to my dr to be tested for diabetes and hypoglycemia and she told me nope, you are perfect. I had her test my glucose after eating sugary meals but nope, perfect. I check my blood at my dads with his glucose test. Perfect.

But I still get sick. it CANT be in my head there needs to be a reason for it.

It has to be this.

Every problem I have leads me to Gluten. Yet every dr so far says NEGATIVE. This is the most frustrating thing in the world, and I know I am a broken record. I am not sure I should even go see this dr. I just want to stop eating it now and go on with life but I know in the back of my mind I wont be at peace until I get validation, and I know my husband, who isnt UN supportive, but isnt the MOST supportive, would be more supportive if an actual dr agreed with me. Blarg!

Anyway, has anyone else had this weird blood sugar reaction?

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I have no idea if it's linked to celiac but I get that too. I get the shakes (can really see it in my hands)and a bit faint if I don't eat every couple of hours. I know I have very low blood pressure, so I always assumed it was something to do with that...

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