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New, Lots Of Symptoms Past And Present Please Help

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I am so glad that this forum exists.

Well I in my 40's and I think I have narrowed down that I have gluten sensitiviy or mild celiac.

Here are my past symptoms.

Carpel tunnel yr 2000 had surgery still numbness in both arms...not any better

miscarriages one 2000, two 2001

ovarian failure age 34

adhd or anxiety most of my life

Gerd most of my life

heartburn most of my life

get gas from about anything...

When I did weight watchers I felt the best - this is when I ate real food and not their processed stuff.

Current issue.

I just got bell's palsy this past December and I still have it so I asked for an MRI to see if I had anything else going on...

Oh by the way in October I had the flu mist placed in my nose because I had to have this or the flu shot for work. I think the flu mist caused me to have bell's but I can't confirm this though.

I have also went to my friends church, Seventh Day advantist and they cook with lots of grains...well I fell so ill a couple hours after I leave there...

I also had an MRI and my Ears nose and throat doctor said that my MRI was abnormal. There were white spots so I am being referred to a Neuro...so he mentioned MS and he also said that it could be nothing at all...I looked up white spots and I came across Celiac.

Well so I am leaning towards Celiac...

Any thoughts!!

All thoughts would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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you did get answers to the MRI white spots on your other thread.

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Hello again,

I forgot to add that I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism in 2004 so I have that working againist me too.

thanks again.

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Hello sorry.

I got results from the Ears nose and throat doctor. He just said that my ears nose and throat areas looks fine but he referred me to the Neuro because of my abnormal mri and white spots...he did say that this could mean MS and that is all he said...

I had the test done in the beginning of June. ENT doctor gave me the white spot results 2nd week of June and my neuro appointment is July 25th.

I guess if I did have MS or anything else life threatening I would sure hope that they would get me in right away.

Since I did go to the stroke unit and they said it was Bell's I am wondering if the white spots could have been mini strokes??

Well we will see in 10 days ....


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Hon, yes.....some of your symptoms are very suggestive of Celiac or non-celiac gluten intolerance.

MS is very difficult to DX. It took my dear friend, Suze 2 years to get a firm DX. Celiac is called the "great mimic" because it has symptoms that are very much like other AI diseases. They overlap and so, it is essential that you get a proper diagnosis.

As you learned from the other thread, white matter lesions appear with celiac, too.

I have many neurological symptoms from celiac disease that 4 different Neuros did NOT find clinically "significant" :rolleyes: and I remained unDXed for many years. I suffered nerve burning pain, ataxia, paresthesia, cognitive issues and more. It was horrible.

Have the neurologist do a full celiac panel.

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