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I'll start with this: My DS was dx 2 years ago. Been gluten-free since. I am a perpetual researcher and have figured out things that the Dr's didn't. I think I know my way around Celiac.

So my DH's Aunt was over yesterday. She was recently dx...via saliva...with a long list of issues. So she is now off soy, gluten and a host of other things including beans, spinach, all nuts all seeds (she is vegan and has been for a long time). They told her to eat sprouts for protein...at 4 grams pre cup. I don't even want to know how many sprouts she was eating.

So she decided to school me in Celiac and gluten-free :blink:

Did you know:

It isn't genetic?

There is gluten in envelopes? (I know this is a common urban legend)

Corn gluten is the same as wheat, rye and barley gluten.

If it's whole grain, it's wheat.

She had a few others (her pharmacist said since DS is allergic to bananas he MUST be allergic to latex. I know this IS true for some but it is reverse. If you are allergic to latex you are often allergic to bananas, if you're allergic to bananas you MAYbe allergic to latex.) She was arguing with me about this saying "MY PHARMACIST SAID IT'S TRUE!" to which I reply "My ALLERGIST said it is NOT and I tend to think HE has a little more knowledge about ALLERGIES!"

I was so frustrated at the end of this visit. Never mine the metric ton of crappy plastic junk toys she came with!

Thanks for letting me vent!

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Giggle giggle snort. :blink::lol: Glad the visit went well. LOL Oh my...

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Oh crap! no wonder so many people completely flip out when they are first diagnosed :rolleyes:. (Myself included) :ph34r: :ph34r:

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