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Grain-Free Pizza!

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I recently decided to go to modified primal eating/SCD along with my oldest daughter. One of the foods I miss a LOT is pizza.

She found a grain-free pizza crust recipe that we tried for the first time last night, we LOVED it!

It does not come out with the same soft, stretchy kind of crust that wheat flour makes, it's a little denser but neither is it the thin, crisp crust of rice-flour based crust.

It can be thicker or thinner depending on how you spread the dough out, the big thing for me is that after baking, you can EAT WITH FINGERS! Most of the grain-free crusts don't hold up for that!

DD says it is a little like the Amy's cornmeal crust, as far as texture goes.

Anyway, we liked it and it will now be a standard at our house for pizza night. We did the toppings differently than the original recipe, but here's the link (it is at the Against All Grains site).


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