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  1. Yup. High Fructose Corn Syrup, Casein, lactose , spices like pepper and eventually, CAFFEINE!
  2. Absolutely. As a celiac one must take a multivitamin daily for life to be safer. Celiac for 3 years and ive found that GNC puts out high quality multi that has everything you need.
  3. Sounds like, as is with many celiacs, bouts of constipation causing possible INTERNAL hemorrhoids( you wouldn't even know it). Very common. Try eating more brown rice and greens.
  4. Hello, I , too, went thru same symptom [years] bf I was diagnosed. I had barium swallow which revealed nothing! It wasn't until years later that i found out that this was a symptom of my bodies growing allergic reaction to gluten. There were initial symptoms of: stuffiness, swallowing, small bouts...
  5. You might have [thought] you went gluten free but it sounds like you might have gluten intolerance. I too had the tingling in lower legs and feet prior to being diagnosed Celiac. So most likely you're experiencing Vitamin deficiency especially Vitamin D. Get some sun light or tanning using UVB lamps...
  6. Cheerios reacts same way with me. Oats are not gluten free due to extreme cross contamination. Rice chex cereal has been event free for me( also, as a result, it appears that you are re-injuring small intestines. Because of this stay away from LACTOSE! Use almond milk if possible. Pure oats are gluten...
  7. Stay away from PEPPER. 3 years celiac and PEPPER for me mimics "cross contamination " of gluten. As with any pepper(vegetable or spice). Dips like salsa STAY AWAY.
  8. 3 years gluten free/celiac. I, too, couldn't figure out how to regain my lost weight due to celiac. Until, if course, the latter part of the 2nd year. I was working a desk job for 10 years and needed more flexibility with my day. So I gave up my desk job for a job at local utility company. And this...