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  1. Thank you. Hope they find a solution. Eating low FODMAP when you have to take care of others as well is becoming hard. Do you have any recommendations? Will digestive enzymes help?
  2. I am also noticing an increased sensitivity to fructose. Ate half a cup of mango and unable to eat any foods after that. Couple of bites and I am feeling so full. Any thoughts? Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Currently taking vit D supplement.
  3. Thank you for the links. The last one is a scary read. I have been in her shoes for sometime. But now lot of issues has the same symptoms. I have to meet a GI specialist soon. If I consume some foods I am shivering and sweating after I go to bed. Not sure what is happening again.
  4. Posterboy, Thank you so much for the links. I am on a good multivitamin from last 3 months which has all B vitamins. So the sudden onset of burning feet after couple of months of no burning makes me little worried. You mentioned you had this earlier. How long you had the symptom...
  5. Hi cyclinglady, The biopsies were done for duodenum, stomach and esophageal junction and the report says normal mucosa, no villi blunting, chronic inflammation. I was mentioning about the SIBO test wherein I ate something just before 24 hours. Will definitely try the diet. Thank you for...
  6. Cyclinglady, thank you for replying. Before my self diagnosis I had lot of symptoms. Burning feet, feeling off balance, pounding heart, muscle cramps, blurry vision, insomnia, 24/7 anxiety, PMS, night sweats . I went to different doctor's and most of the reports were normal. My gynec gave me B12...
  7. Hello everyone, I went gluten free before 6 months after 2 years of many symptoms. I am not celiac, biopsy revealed chronic inflammation. I tested positive for SIBO but decided not to take antibiotics for it as I was not convinced of the test results. I went to a functional medicine...
  8. I am not officially diagnosed. Lot of GI, neurological issues and figured it might be gluten . It's been only 2 weeks gluten free. I am having lot of anxiety. Can you please kindly share the exercises that helped you.