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I am a full-time self representing artist. You can find my work here:


I also hold a Ph.d. in Holistic Nutrition. While I have not practiced since making a career out of my artwork, I am currently considering returning.

  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Umm...Sam's is NOT gluten-free. They are made here in Tampa where I live. At my first Celiac support meeting the leader warned us about Sam's bakery. And sure enough the next time I went to the health food store, I read the label and it says that it is manufactured in a facility with wheat and...
  3. That my dear would indicate CELIAC disease. There are a few other rare reason your villi would be flattened or partially flattened too. BUT THIS IS NOT NORMAL!! Did you have Celiac bloodwork done too?
  4. Boiled millet has a glycemic index of around 70-80 (depending on the lab) which is in the HIGH range. Millet flour cooked is even higher at around 107 (more than PURE GLUCOSE!!!). When I used to eat it my blood sugar would skyrocket. I couldnt understand why because it was a "whole grain...
  5. Mine were very slightly elevated too before gluten-free. But went back down. I cannot pin point any symptom improvement though.
  6. You really should get Vit D tested before supplementation. In general you can safely take 2000 IU a day without problems. But because Vit D stores in the body, you can overdose (which has it's own problems like bone loss). You need 15 minutes a day of full sunlight on 90% of your body in the tropics...
  7. They can find nodules...but they cannot tell if they are cancer or not. Sometimes they just "watch" them to see if they change. Sometimes they do a needle biopsy. In my Mom's case, thank g-d, cuz the needle biopsy showed her cancer. They caught it in time and she had her thyroid removed. My...
  8. The liver makes more ALP than the other organs or the bones. Some conditions cause large amounts of ALP in the blood. These conditions include rapid bone growth (during puberty), bone disease (osteomalacia or Paget's disease), or a disease that affects how much calcium is in the blood (hyperparathyroidism...
  9. Not for me. I am familiar with "Herx". It is ONLY the flour and a horrible pain in my stomach that lasts about an hour or so and then it goes away. Horrible pain. Like I cannot digest it kinda pain. No problems with coconut milk, shredded coconut, macaroons and the oil. I eat those all...
  10. I never buy anything with sulfites....cuz they can trigger migraines. Even tho I do not have any evidence they triggered mine (they went away gluten-free), always seemed a good idea to avoid them. They must put them in the flour or it is some of that outer shell that tears me up.
  11. I can eat coconut: shredded, milk, fresh, cream. No problems whatsoever. BUT I have tried "coconut flour" 3 times and every time I have the most horrible pain in my tummy that I have to lay in the fetal position for about an hour or so before it passes. I wonder why? Do they grind the...
  12. Nutritional deficiencies: Although a number of nutrient deficiencies can lead to canker sores, thiamine deficiency appears to be the most significant. Deficiencies of iron, lysine, vitamin B12, and folic acid also can lead to canker sores. Several studies showed that nutrient deficiencies are common...
  13. Im no expert on canker sores. But if this happened to me, I would go get some colloidal silver and swish full strength in my mouth and gargle then spit it out. I would also buy the nasal spray and do 2 squirts up each nose. I would do this three times a day until all clear. But no longer than...
  14. Wow, 1,222 posts in 4 months! You've been busy!