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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Just an update on me: We were on vacation for 2 weeks PLUS the holidays....Then I got back to a ton of sales and commission work. So I have been VERY BUSY. But Im not complaining...in this economy....it is such a blessing!! Right now...
  3. How awful Ali!!! Food poisoning maybe? I hope you are all better now.
  4. ShayFL

    Is This Totally Crazy?

    Ideally you would "heal" your body instead of just giving it a drug. But believe me, I understand the temptation to just drink. ALL of the studies suggest women shouldnt drink more than 1 little glass of alcohol a day. So if you are going...
  5. Glad it is feeling better. I dont have any mercury left in my mouth. I found a biological dentist nearby who did everything right (ventilation, dam, etc.). I did them 2 at a time till they were all done....5 visits. It is worth it IMO...
  6. You cannot make a blanket statement like "all" because the FDA doesnt monitor what goes into "natural flavor". Honestly ANYTHING can be in it. But in general, yes, it has some form of MSG. Like "yeast extract", "autolyzed yeast", "flavorings...
  7. I know immediately when I've had MSG.....My brain gets a "buzzy" feeling and the world seems a bit surreal for about 10 minutes. That doesnt last long. If I got a big enoiugh dose a headache follows within a few hours. "Natural Flavor...
  8. ShayFL

    More Trouble At Pf Changs?

    I just ate there myself last week with a friend. It was my first time. I got the lettuce wraps. They were very good and very careful. The server brought me my own condiment dish (though I didnt use it) and reiterated it was gluten-free...
  9. ShayFL

    Trying Meat Again

    I didnt eat beef for 7 years. Like you meat killed my stomach and gave me D. Then a Chinese doctor told me I needed to eat red meat after looking at my tongue. I went straight away to the store and bought a steak, ate it that night and...
  10. Roasted nuts are "rancid". The oils in nuts go "rancid" very quickly even without heat. But roasting accelerates that process. Now that you dont have gluten mucking up your system, your body lets you know that they are toxic.
  11. It is the flattened mucosa that give it a way. There ARE other things that can cause damage to your villi. But B12 deficiency is common in gluten intolerance/Celiac. If you cannot get a definitive Dx there in Asia, you have nothing to...
  12. Nuts are VERY high in fat and Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin. Active Celiac can hinder the absorption of fats and certain vitamins. It could have easily made you feel sick to eat them. You know if you do have true Celiac, not worrying...
  13. It's official!! I have two areas where the gums have receded. Like when there is no tarter or gunk in them, there are no gums there. Lower front teeth. I had two little triangles of no gums and one of the areas is filling in!!! Yeah...
  14. Mental illness and depression runs in my family. After my daughter was born my thyroid went haywire. I had the worst time. For awhile I couldnt sleep (hyperthyroid) and I sat around sweating and mind racing none stop. I believed the...
  15. Yes Mommy it is good. Ayurvedia has been around for thousands of years. They didnt use "refined" oil back then. I'm over a week now and my teeth are definitely whiter. And the gums are healing.