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  1. That is very interesting, I didn't even think about iodine...I'll see if I can schedule an appointment with my allergist, or see if my GI can test me for it when I go for my antibodies testing. That sounds awful, I'm sorry that happened to you - especially during a CT scan. Thank you! This is helpful, I never even thought about iodine...
  2. Thank you! You're right, I need to schedule a follow-up testing. My GI doctor was kind of weird and not very helpful at all (he also thought there was lactose in almond milk, to his credit he was brave enough to google it in front of me), he never said anything about follow-up testing so I figured that a year after I had been diagnosed would be sufficient. I'll schedule one as soon as possible since I'm at about the 11 month mark of being tested. I keep having the "allergy" reactions to things that are normally fine, like just within these past few days coffee has made my mouth tingle and then I get the slight temperature raising and the ill feeling along with slight gas and abdominal discomfort (no dairy in it obviously). I even had a coffee ice cream (cashew milk) and it had the same reaction. It's not the cashews either because I had had cashew milk the night before and I was completely fine. That's so interesting that your lactose intolerance is so directly coordinated with being glutened! Can you have any dairy just fine as long as you haven't been having gluten? The GI was SLIGHTLY celiac-savvy, he mentioned that the results didn't always grab from a spot that had the celiacs in it, it was from my sister's boyfriend's brother who is in medical school that told me the intestines have different sections coded with different DNA and that some people might have the celiacs in more sections than others. At least the GI knew enough to be able to diagnose me with it even though the biopsy came back negative, I didn't know that even the way they're cut could affect it too - that's very interesting. Okay I'll get tested and try to stay away from processed foods for now, hopefully I can schedule a test to see what my antibody levels are. As anal as I try to be, every now and then I realize I ate something with gluten in it. It's so frustrating... Thank you so much for taking the time to respond, the information you shared is very helpful.
  3. I'm replying to this thread a little late, but I was diagnosed with Celiacs in February earlier this year. In January, I was nauseous all the time and had no appetite, and then I started having constant gas. At first I thought it was stress (I get nauseous and lose my appetite when I'm stressed) since it was the busy time of year at work, but the gas flagged me that something was wrong. I would drink water and immediately burp and pass gas. That's when I went to a GI and got the blood test done and the antibodies for Celiacs were literally off the charts. I also had an endoscopy done, the biopsies came back negative but he could see my flattened villi so he diagnosed me with Celiacs (due to the patchy nature of Celiacs in the intestines). At first, I could eat some dairy but not other dairy. For example, Parmesan cheese and goat cheese were a big NO, but I could eat swiss cheese and SOME gouda cheeses and mozzarella cheese and yogurt, and some butter (not butter in every situation though). Then a month ago (10 months after my diagnosis) I started getting sick eating any and all dairy. At the same time I pinpointed this, I was also feeling nauseous every day and every time I ate ANYTHING even if it did not contain dairy, which is how I felt earlier this year before I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with Celiacs. It's frustrating because my symptoms aren't your typical "lactose intolerance" symptoms of gas, bloating, diarrhea, etc. A few minutes after eating dairy my temperature starts to go up, my eyes start to burn, I get a headache, sometimes I sneeze, sometimes my ears hurt, sometimes my abdomen feels hot, my stomach aches (actual stomach, not my abdomen/ intestines), and in general I feel ill. This lasts for several hours after eating dairy before it calms down. I went last week to get a scratch test and it came back negative for a dairy allergy. The allergist said sometimes people can feel flushed when they have food intolerances, so I'm guessing that even though it feels like I'm having an allergic reaction that it's really just an intolerance. Before Celiacs I was able to eat/drink dairy just fine, I did have some slight issues with heavier creams (your typical abdominal discomfort and gas) but I could drink milk and eat cheese all day long. I must be really sensitive because I just ate some caramel popcorn from a small shop that has gluten and dairy free options, I only had a couple handfuls but I feel sick. I'm guessing it was probably cross-contamination - they have dairy and gluten popcorn options as well. So in answer to your question, yeah I get extreme reactions to dairy as well. Searching online is frustrating because all I find is lactose intolerance information and I'm not quite sure that this is a lactose issue. I've been meaning to get lactase pills and see if they help at all. I hope that since you've posted this that you've been able to figure things out!