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What Do You Recommend To Take For Gas And Gerd?

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What do you recommend to take for gas and GERD?

I have really debilitating gas and GERD. I have tried not to take anything like Gavascon or tums because of the long term problems they can cause. I am wondering if I take any of these if it would help me tolerate the vitamins and introduce new foods with out all of the drama my body is currently presenting me with.

   I am currently take slippery elm and fennel tea. They don't seem to be helping a lot right now.

Any advice is appreciated.



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When I have gas I take chewable simethicone tablets to get through it.  I don't get it very often but that can really hurt up in your gut when it gets out of control.  If your GERD is a constant problem, you may talk to your doctor and consider taking an over the counter remedy like Zantac, and if that doesn't help enough, omeprazole or another prescription antacid, but I would stick with something OTC at first.

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My doctor always recommended taking charcoal.  It's natural and it works.  But like any "drug" for gas, use it sparingly.  You don't want to miss absorbing good nutrients.  


Eggs can really give me bad gas (severe) so I don't eat them except in baked goods.  The beano enzyme formulate is good, but it's better to find the root cause of your gas and it may be more than just gluten.  Keep a food journal to help you determine any additional intolerances and remember food can cause reactions days after ingesting them.  

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