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Thanksgiving Turkey

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However, Honey Baked Hams HAVE GLUTEN IN THEM, THOUGH...I was crushed for a day or two when I founf that out...I got over it when I figured I could make my own honey glaze and it tastes the same...



good to know thanks. :D

Gluten free since 5/06

mommy to Annika(3) gluten free since 5/04 and Kathryn (5) gluten free since 10/05

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Okay to paraphrase Butterball's e-mail response to me about their turkeys, here is what they said.

Where dietary restrictions are concerned, we suggest you purchase our Butterball Fresh Turkey or Butterball Fresh breatst of turkey. They are all natural and contain no additives. Our frozen turkeys are enhanced with a patented recipe of ingredients for moistness after cooking. Although gluten, wheat, rye free, they do contain corn. Frozen products have detailed ingredient list on the package.


1-800-288-8372 is their turkey line which opens tomorrow through Dec. 26th I think.

Dx'd with anemia - March 2005

Positive blood tests - Sept. 2005

Positive biopsy - Jan. 2006

Gluten free since 1-23-06

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Thank you guys so so much! I have so much more of a grasp on what to do this year.



Dixon, California (near Sacramento)

18 years old

Diagnosed by blood and biopsy Nov. 2004

gluten-free since Nov. 2004

continual digestive problems

Crohn's disease diagnosed 1/8/06

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