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Could Timing Be Worse?

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I wanted a nice steak tonight, so I went to Longhorn. I asked for a gluten free menu, and got the usual piece of paper. I ordered my steak, specified "no sauce" as the gluten-free menu says, and before even offering me bread, the server asked "are you allergic to gluten, or just on the health diet?" I told her I am allergic (which I know isn't accurate terminology, but it's restaurant lingo for "don't put that on my plate") and she made a note on the order ticket. I get my steak, it was cooked perfectly how I like them. When I was done, she asked if there was any dessert I saw that I can have, sadly I said no. I paid and left.

Now, about 90 minutes later, I'm really noticing bloating and extreme abdominal pain to where I'm curled up in a ball. :-( I've got a full week at work this week, and a thousand other things to get done.....this is horrible! I know what's next, brain fog and joint and muscle pain for a few days, the big D, and irritability. The worst part is, I know there's nothing I can do!

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This was a new restaurant. I decided to expand my horizons today...big mistake!

It's so hard, isn't it!? I tried a new place this week, it's actually the restaurant of an acquaintance who professes to have a very careful kitchen. Even has a dedicated fryer - they only fry with rice flour. Anyhow... I picked a selection from the menu that was listed as gluten free, telling the waiter I had celiac disease and needed the dish 100% gluten free. The description said it had a rice puff salad of some sort on the top. It came and I saw puffed rice and some other small crispy things. I asked the server to make sure these other small crispy things were really gluten free. He said he they were chickpea flour, but went straight back to the kitchen. I ate one forkful and he came trotting back out apologizing up and down, saying that this item should not have been listed as gluten-free! That he would take it right back and have it made without the crispy things. He kept asking was I ok??


It was nice to have his concern, but geez, I'd rather they just get it right the first time. Sigh.


I don't think I got any gluten, luckily. I felt pretty tired the next day, but that could be because I stayed up 2 hours past my bedtime. I did have trouble with getting my words out, which I think was one of my vague symptoms. I got off light.


I have my fingers crossed for you that it wasn't gluten - that maybe it was just too much red meat or (is it ok to wish for a gastro virus??).

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Our local Longhorn  cooks  a gluten-free  steak on foil  &  that  is the  way  it  comes to the table, wrapped  in foil, no seasonings at all not  even  salt or pepper... It  is  truly naked ...... honestly  I like  other  steak  places  better  but  Longhorn  seems to be  highly rated    but  I  don't  see  it...We  have  never  been  glutened  at  our  local one  but  again  it is  the  knowledge  of the cook !

Feel better  soon....this is  where  I think the  new  pills coming  out  may be  of  help  in  cases  like  this where   one  maybe  would  find  a  problem...  Of  course  the  new  pills  are  not  for  intentionally  consumed  gluten....

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