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Kraft Products ... I'm Shocked!

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OK, I'm done. We are trying to help you but you don't want to be helped. Do what you want. Eat what you want. You are a drowning person who keeps batting away the life preserver people are throwing your way. I wish you well but I'm done beating my head against your brick wall.


Thanks, I will....I read labels, I watch what I eat, mostly whole foods....but, if I'm not sure what an ingredient is, it's going back on the shelf....so be it.  If Kraft wants to keep CYA'ing, hey, more power to them, I'll buy something else....

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So, now you are saying that even companies that test their products (Amy's) is not gluten-free????


No, I said this: Amy's pizza claims to be gluten-free but it may not be since the facility it is made at is not. It is not certified gluten-free, they just say gluten-free on the label.


Amy's Pizza may not be gluten-free because of cc if it is from a shared facility, so I wouldn't eat it no matter what gluten-free claims they make.... My personal choice is to not take that risk for the sake of frozen pizza.

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