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NG feeding tube for underweight,"failure to thrive" 12 year old? Anyone have any experience with one?

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12 year old diagnosed celiac daughter has "fallen off" the weight curve.  She eats but very small quantities. (Please don't suggest high calorie shakes..foods etc ... already doing all of that).  So far we've had negative results on gastric emptying, endoscopy, colonoscopy, etc.  Going to do Small Bacterial Overgrowth test, impedance test, redo gastric emptying (doc feels previous hospital did it incorrectly).  Gastro is very worried about her growth.  She has not gained any weight this year. Extremely slow weight gain previous years. Celiac is controlled. Tried EVERYTHING with diet.  Really wants to do an naso gastric feeding tube to give highly caloric/nutritious liquid feeding directly to her stomach.  Has anyone had experience with this?  Good? Bad?  Please respond only if you or someone you know has actually done this.  Thank you!


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