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Maltodextrin and Gut Bacteria Imbalance

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FYI, This commonly-used supplement/food additive has been linked to digestion issues, gut bacteria imbalance, and other symptoms, which I continue struggling with daily despite 6 months of gluten-free diet.  Also, it contains GM cornstarch or potato starch, a trigger for some folks. 

Just thought I would pass this on to those who have the same probs and may care to comment.  I didn't realize MD could be so upsetting to my gut--even on a strict gluten-free diet!  But it would explain my continued BM/GI distress, symptoms as I take a gluten-free-labeled DAILY multivitamin ("Nature Made" brand) which includes this ingredient.   Makes me realize we can't be too careful before innocently ingesting these "products" based on faith/manuf. claims... 

Can anyone recommend a good gluten-free multivitamin with ZERO "additives"..??





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Most have additives. I would consider calling the current company you use/are happy with and ask if they have another suggestion. Perhaps explain you seek one that is gluten free and free of corn maltodextrin .  I know Ennis on our forums uses an online vitamin company I forgot which one. When I first joined the forum he was really helpful for product ideas for me as he too avoided corn. I found often things he could use/eat were ok for me too.

Perhaps he will chime in or I'll find a link he left in an earlier thread with the online supplement website he uses.

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Hi Kate, I found a no-filler multi from Pure Vitamin Club. Contains most vitamins and minerals with the notable exception of iron (because it's generally poorly tolerated). However, the dosages may be rather low.

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I have done really well with Procaps Labs ( https://www.procapslabs.com/ ).  I discovered them eons ago before I knew I had Celiac's and before they were selling their stuff on HSN.  They have monthly specials on their website, which is where I buy.  Most everything is labeled gluten free, but they do have a few products with wheat grass, which I stay away from.  I also tried their oats, which caused symptoms, I can now tolerate purity protocol oats, but not their oats.  Their products are labeled:  CONTAINS NO Milk, soy, yeast, corn, wheat, gluten, sodium, salt, sugar, fat, cholesterol, color, preservative, common allergens or manufacturing additives.


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