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Question about coffee for everyone. There are 2 kinds of coffee I usually drink:

1. Plain house, gourmet coffee. Made with 100% coffee beans...and

2. Flavored coffee. This does not mean lattees, ect. It means coffee like, "Caramel coffee," "Kahlua coffee," ect. If you look at the back of those packages, typically, it will say, "coffee beans, artificial flavoring."

It's this "artificial flavoring" that I am concerned about. Does this = gluten? Is it safe or not?

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While I can't guarantee that every single flavored coffee in the world (not the ones with stuff added when they're brewed) is gluten-free, I haven't found one that isn't gluten-free. Artificial flavors are not a real threat to people with celiac.


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Unfortunately, I have to disagree. Flavors can contain gluten. I discovered this when someone mentioned two teas I like as not being gluten free (this information coming from the company itself). There was no warning on the packages.

I guess I should have known better. Lists of unsafe foods DO say that both natural & artificial flavors can contain gluten and you have to check. For instance:


Here is a list of gluten-free beverages. You will notice some flavored teas & coffees as not being safe: http://www.glutenfreeforum.com/index.php?a...d=27&cat=55

One example is Gevalia coffee -- all their flavored coffees contain gluten.

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