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  1. Here is my sheet I've been using. In the beginning I cut wheat/gluten/dairy/sugar/nuts/etc. I've added little-by-little. http://Spammers Use This To Link To Spam/ck8G37
  2. Let me know what happens!!!! My mouth gets REALLY funny...not just the blood things. And I have terrible bm's!!!
  3. Yes, I get these, too!!!!! Mine, I know, though are NOT FROM WHEAT/GLUTEN. I think they may be from nuts or peanuts??? Any thoughts on that? They are definitely food related. They popped up on Thanksgiving again. If anyone could help us on this it would be so appreciated!
  4. I have become intolerant to peanut butter. I am currently doing somewhat of an ellimination diet. It's not fun, but it's much easier to see what I'm reacting to when I'm eating few foods. My tongue has been my most symptomatic place, other than my stomach. My tongue always feels swollen and chronically irritated. When I'm super, duper good with eating and strict, that burning sensation goes down a lot! Anyways, as of recently, I've noticed the peanut butter making it worse?!
  5. Have you always eaten rice cakes, peanut butter and Jelly or are those new foods? What does your tongue feel like?
  6. Ok...this is EXACTLY what I need to do, too! I can't figure out what's wrong with me BUT I do know that I once did a raw, detox diet and on the 13th day everything was gone and I felt phenomenal. I was eating a LOT of different types of food then. Now I just want to cut it to the bare necessities, eliminate and try to figure out what does not like me. Instead of starting with rice and veggies, could I start with Quinoa and veggies? And should we limit to only a handful of veggies to begin with? (Where is a list of the SAFE core foods?!) Any advice for us would be great...and to the person who put up the post - if you want to do this with me - pm me...maybe we can figure it out together!
  7. My GYNO wants me to go back on the pill for regularity. BUT...I'm getting married in November and we may want to have kids then. So then he said ok then not?! If I don't watch what I eat, I too, will gain like 5 in a day. Mostly bloat. My tummy gets severly distended. That's when my GI will have me do enemas and drink an entire bottle of Mag Citrate to make EVERYTHING get through me. UGH! I also have many oral problems.
  8. Please keep me updated as to what you find out! I would say that mine is either from the digestive stuff OR because I'm 25 years old, 5'5" and I went from about 125 lb to 117lb? Do you think? I started dieting in April. I'm so confused!!!! I wish it would just come...
  9. I am in you EXACT boat. I have not had my "friend" since April. Since April I haven't consumed gluten, except for the few "messups." I am also in your same boat with the C. I went gluten-free and THEN had all the Celiac tests, which, were negative - no surprise. I had an endo and a colonoscopy. The dr did find a form a colitis - proctitis. This means that when I have a "flare up," I won't be able to get anything through me...not even a laxative, until the bottom of me is softened. So when I make mistakes I get severely backed up and have to do enemas. Have you had a colonoscopy? My biggest frustration, though, is still that it's been since April with no friend! I'm getting married soon and am getting concerned about children....
  10. I had many problems like you. And then...in one year I came down with 4-5 bouts of tonsillitis/pharyngitis/strep/ect. It was miserable. I ended up having my tonsils and adenoids removed. I have never had a "real" problem with my throat since...amazing. But now I've just developed awful dry mouth feeling and chronic mouth problems. I think my thyroid may be off, too...since I don't get my "female monthly friend."
  11. What does everyone's ANXIETY look like?! How does it manifest in you?
  12. Here's a common day for me (everything made at home by me): Grilled chicken, tofu, shrimp, all natural greek yogurt, applies, grapes, almonds, olive oil, natural chunky peanut butter, rice cakes, rice milk, chocolate rice milk, soy milk - unflavored, starbucks coffee, sugarfree hazelnut syrup, walnuts, rice and shine, quinoa, lettuce, veggies. The end. Do you see any culprits?!?! I thought it was all gluten-free? My mouth has been burning and raw...no peeling in awhile.
  13. Would you mind PM'ing me or posting what you eat in a day? I think I'm still consuming something with gluten...which is why the mouth thing won't go away! OR...maybe something I'm eating I'm also intolerant to? Suggestions? I want it gone for good! I also think that when I make a "mistake" it ruins my mouth for AT LEAST 2 weeks. Could that be?
  14. OMG...this is me EXACTLY! I'm so glad I found you! When the Dr's ask me to explain my pain in my mouth the way I typically describe it is...it's not like there are sores; it doesn't hurt like a canker sore (although I get them from time-to-time) it feels like I"m sticking my tongue out and someone is constantly rubbing a carpet over it! Anyways, I have not had any shedding since going gluten-free. HOWEVER, my mouth still feels raw a lot...CC maybe? If I purposely ingest gluten and binge (ugh...the devil!!!) I will get awful shedding on my cheeks and always in my bottom lip. It's gross. But after a few days will go away! The thing is, I am not a confirmed Celiac as my GI did not know what he was doing so I had been gluten-free for awhile, then took the Blood test and did the Endo/Colon. It did not show Celiac. He ended up diagnosing me with Proctitis...a form of Colitis. I know I"m Celiac or at the very least gluten intolerant. Even as a small child I would get those cracks in the corners of my mouth...many other symptoms. So...your shedding stops when you don't have gluten, but is your mouth still raw? Yeah!!!!!!! I found someone with my problem. AMEN!
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