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Sandwich Bread & Meals On The Road

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What is the best bread (store bought) for sandwiches? I bought sandwich bread at Whole Foods but it doesn't feel fresh and it is very dense. It is better to make things that french toast, in my opinion.

Also, I am open to suggestions for quick, simple meals on the road. My son plays college baseball, therefore my husband and I will be on the road staying in hotels many weekends for the next few months. Since I was just diagnosed in September, this is the first baseball season that I will be eating gluten free.

I have had problems eating out and I don't trust many restaurants unless they are a gluten free restaurant. I feel the best thing for me to do is pack an ice chest with food and snacks every weekend. I hope they have microwaves in the hotels we stay at.

Does anyone have any suggestions for gluten free food that would be easy and convenient to pack every weekend?

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I don't mind the Tapioca Lite Loaf by Ener-G. That's what my son takes to lunch every day. Once it's open, though, it works better as toast. You might want to take your toaster with you. A word of caution, however. I found (for me anyway) that it can really pack on the pounds. :o

Traveling food...hmmm...peanutbutter, Dintymoore Beef Stew in a can. Tuna in a can. Ludenberg makes a flavored rice in a microwavable bag that is pretty good and is labeled gluten free. Corn nuts. Old Wisconsin meat sticks.

That's off the top of my head. I hope it helps a little. I'm sure other folks will be able to give a lot more suggestions.

Good luck.



gluten-free since 2001

Son dx celiac March 2005

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Guest digmom1014


since your from the south like me, do you have an Earthfare store? I like the Sami's millet and fax bread. I store it in the refrig. and it is just like "normal" bread.

Make sure you have some Lara bars, fruit, and nuts. I am a snacker and when all the other fans are eating you can too.


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Things I take to hotel rooms with microwave and refrigerator (I travel a lot) - I usually visit the supermarket where I'm going and take stuff back to hotel.

Dinty Moore Beef Stew in Microwaveable container (pre-packaged in same isle as spaghetti, etc).

Puddings (the kind for kids - read labels).

Dole cups of fruit (for kids too)

Fruit (mostly tangerines) and berries

Melon, fruit salad (from produce isle) - salads

Potato chips, Fritos, microwave popcorn

Cold Cuts (salami, swiss cheese, deli ham etc)

Veggies (frozen or canned)


Ice Cream (if the freezer in fridge will keep it)

Micro french fries (Ore Ida - unseasoned)

Soup (Pacific Organic tomato, roasted garlic tomato, etc)

Candy bars, marshmallows.

Pretty much all the same stuff that I eat at home (minus the dinner meats).

I always try to eat out at Outback, Carraba's, Cheesburger Paradise (they are all same company and have a gluten free menu).

I bring food in a padded lunch box with ice stuff to my meetings.

Traveling is HARD unless you can choose the hotel - and I choose all the "suites" where they have pretty much a full kitchen if I'm going to be there more than 1 or 2 nights.


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Gluten-free works so why keep getting tests?

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No other Allergies or major ailments!

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I'm the mom of a newly diagnosed 15 year old daughter...she packs her lunch every day for school, plus we have to pack a cooler now for Saturday competitions. Having celiac disease changes everything! But I can tell you some of the things we've come up with to make it easier...

single serving apple sauce, yogurt, fresh fruit with a small container of cool whip for dipping, she likes Sami's millet and flax bread with Hormel ham or chicken and cheese, sometimes we pack a salad with meat and cheese and dressing on the side (did you know Hormel makes a gluten-free pepperoni?), and chips or gluten-free pretzels or pringles. And I always include an extra Boost drink on Saturday's in case she needs more food and just can't get anything gluten-free. We have tried some wraps, with limited success, they are just so waxy!

I hope this helps...I am still learning, but we had to get the packing stuff down pretty quick!

Try the Sami's bread...it tastes like normal bread. And even though I read some stuff about possible gluten contamination in it elsewhere on this board, it came highly recommended from my local health food store via other Celiacs, and my daughter hasn't had any bad reactions with it (and she has with other gluten that we've missed)!

Good luck!

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Wow, I just discovered kinnikinnick breads... the italian style tapioca bread and the sandwich bread are so good for sandwiches and toast.

The english muffins also made a good sandwich especially if you like peanut butter and jelly.

And their blueberry muffins are very close to store-bought "mini muffins" and "otis spunkmeyer muffins"

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