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Need Help From The Diabetics, Low-carb, Or Grain-free Ers

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"Moderate Carbs" depends on what works for you. I generally eat no more than 25 - 30 carbs per meal/snack and this keeps me very stable blood sugar wise. If they are the "right" carbs of course. No grains or sugar.

In the past when I was young I could tolerate 3 times that amount in one sitting. Not anymore!!!

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Your thinking is on the right track.....over the years farmers have purposely modified wheat working toward a grain with the MOST GLUTEN. It was discovered that gluten is desirable in cooking and baking so farmers found ways to make their grain have more gluten and therefore be more in demand.

The grains Jesus was eating are nothing like what we eat today. And wheat would have only been a small part of his bread or not at all.

Thanks for that! So, do you paint? (water media, oils, mixed...) I'm an artist too. Right now I'm doing a series of mini landscapes in oil. But I also love watercolor. I tend to stick to painting right now--it is my therapy while I'm learning to walk again and recovering from a major surgery. I've also got a Ph.D (psychology). In my prior life, before kids, etc, I was doing Forensic Psych. I loved it, but I'm not sure it can compete with art! We'll see...

So, cool--I like that my logic wasn't completely crazy. What about the degree of toxins from the soil--which is really becoming contaminated from so many things? I often wonder if leaky gut wasn't perhaps at first a reaction to toxins in the grains...I wonder if many auto immune diseases couldn't be linked to exposure to things contaminated in the environment...

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Check my profile and you can find a link to one of my online portfolios. I use acrylics. I paint abstracts.

Forensic Psych. You are now the second person I have met with a Phd in that. Cool!!

There are so many things that can lead to poor health. We can only do the best we can and enjoy our time here without living in constant fear of everything.

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