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Low Cbc Levels

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I see a GASTRO on 12/8, and am hoping he will do an endo to rule in/rule out celiac. So far I had negative bloodwork by a family MD, positive allergy RAST testing to wheat, Rye, Barley, and Oats, and my CBC just came back with four low levels:

WBC - 4.4

RBC - 3.79

HGB - 11.6

HCT - 33.8

None of these are TERRIBLY low, so maybe it was coincidence, but do you think this will have any bearing on my appointment with the GASTRO? The family doc ordered this for my fatigue, and he has not seen the results yet as I just picked them up.

Does this indicate Anemia at all?

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Iron deficiency is certainly an issue for Celiacs. a more important indicator of anemia is iron stores and ferritin levels. If those are low, then it's probably anemia.

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I really think my doctors are going to let me die before they figure out what is truly the problem. I specifically asked them to check my Thyroid and to check if I had low iron, so why did they only check the cbc levels and not the ferritin or whatever else needed checked for Iron?

Now I woke up with a locked jaw...I am just seriously not having a good month ;( My jaw has been clicking for months now every now and then, gradually increasing to daily. Now when I wake up my jaw locks and is inflamed all day. :(

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