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I Had Positive Blood Antibody Test, How Likely Do I Have Celiac?

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I was tentatively diagnosed with hypoglycemia by my PCP but he wanted me to see a gastro just in case there was something else causing my symptoms. The gastro thought the diagnosis of hypoglycemia was likely right but ran a few blood tests. The celiac antibody test came back positive. I am having an EGD tomorrow. I really don't want to have Celiac. I know nobody wants to have it. Is there a false positive for the blood screen? Is it usually pretty conclusive?

Thank you

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False negatives are common. False positives are not.

Do you want to have it? Well, no. But I was very pleased that a positive biopsy result gave me the answer that had been eluding me for years. I knew what was wrong, and I knew how to heal myself. That was good news to me. Celiac disease is a challenge to deal with, but in over nine years of knowing, I have been in control.

Even if the endoscopy fails to find evidence of villous atrophy caused by celiac disease, on the strength of the blood tests I would encourage you to adopt the gluten-free diet.

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