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Confused About Test Results And Ranges

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hi there, i'm brand new to this site. i just received my results back and hope someone can help me by reviewing my results and ranges.

(as shown on my lab work)-

ttg antibody, ga: my result <3 units u/ml ref range <5

gliadin antibody (iga): my result 8 units u/ml ref range <11

iga, serum: my result 343 units mg/dl ref range 81-463

from my research i've noticed labs measure using different ranges and have different "normals". i am so confused and frustrated because i've been to many doctors over the years for my symptoms which include- painful bloating, bone and joint pain, irritable bowels with both constipation and diaherea, low alkaline phosphatase, a rash that comes and goes for years in the same place (never had it checked out) and several other daily issues that seem to fit celiac/gluten intolerance. i do believe my problems have everything to do with gluten being the culprit after having other things ruled out. i just need to convince the doctor to look into it as a possibility.

i feel like i need to be "armed" with as much info as possible for my doc appt. next week to go over my results. can anyone help me with the info i gave above to see if i should suggest a bioposy or genetic testing before i go gluten free? i really appreciate it ...

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