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Exactly What Testing Should I Request?

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Hi everyone. I'm new here, but have the feeling I'll be sticking around. My naturopath strongly suspects gluten intolerance or celiac due to my Hashimoto's disease, IBS diagnosis, fatigue, foggy head, ADHD type symptoms, etc. I know that I should just stop eating gluten, but it isn't that easy for me, as I have a problem with food addiction/emotional eating. I need "proof" that I should avoid it. Sad, I know.

Anyway, I am having my dr order (Company Name Removed - They Spammed This Forum and are Banned) testing for the kids and myself, as they both have food allergies. I need to know exactly what tests to have him order for celiac. I know there is a genetic test, a blood test (antigen?) and biopsy in order to diagnose. What are the names of the genetic and blood tests he needs to order?

Thanks, everyone!

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Thanks! I know we don't have to be eating gluten for the genetic test, but how about the antibody ones? My daughter's new ped doesn't get her in until August, and I'd rather not keep her on it that long unless necessary.

Unfortunately, YES!!!...you need to be consuming gluten for the celiac antibodies blood tests and biopsies for the most accurate results! the antibodies are present BECAUSE you are having a reaction to the gluten.

As stated in the article Kareng posted for you above:

"Antibody tests are only accurate when a patient is on a gluten-containing diet. Those concerned about celiac disease are strongly discouraged from starting a gluten-free diet without having had a firm diagnosis. Any change in the diet, even for as little as a month or two, can complicate the diagnostic process."

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