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Wondering If I'm Being A Hypochondriac....

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Hi there. I'm an apparently "healthy 32 year-old female" and I'm starting to feel a little crazy from not knowing if there is something physically wrong with me or if it is just a product of my mind. I have just discovered this board after pouring over wikipedia, nih.gov, and various other sites. I had a blood test the other day and just got these results:

Component Your result Standard range Units


Tissue transglutaminase IgA 0.52 < 0.90 - Index

I asked my doctor about whether or not testing for celiac disease was in order and these are the two tests she ordered. Based on her previous responses to my concerns, it's likely she'll say, "No you don't have celiac disease. Take the Vitamin D supplements I just prescribed and see how you feel."

My question is, should I go along with this or ask for more tests?

These are my symptoms that make me wonder if it is Celiac after all or perhaps just gluten sensitivity:

-low iron (ferritin) levels via blood test (Below the normal range; but apparently my hemoglobin count was fine so doctor said that I'm not anemic. Though for years I've had difficulty donating blood cause my iron count is often too low)

-low Vitamin D levels via recent blood test (I just found this out on Friday and have been taking Vitamin D3 supplements for the last 4 months just in case it helped; I wonder what my levels would be if I hadn't been doing this)

-chronic fatigue

-depression (dysthemia for years with current bout of of major depression going on 9 months and not responding well to antidepressants. I have my fingers crossed for CBT)

-tongue ulcers/canker sores (which only started a year ago and usually pop up whenever I don't get enough rest or am particularly stressed) (oh and for anyone else who gets these, 3 lysine pills a day and rinsing with Perio Guard really help shorten the duration and severity)

-consistent constipation (unless I'm very very careful- I eat a ton of whole grains and drink plenty of fluids)

-consistent bouts of diarrhea (really not sure what causes this; I'm starting to think that my digestive track doesn't handle beer very well) (I don't drink much by the way :) )

-consistent bouts of gas and abdominal pain (again, I'm not sure what causes this. I went dairy free for 2 months and this helped slightly, but not significantly)

-easily bruise

-extremely cold fingers and hands

-ADHD (read somewhere about the connection between this and gluten sensitivity, but have not really researched that)

-family history of chronic constipation on my mom's side and IBS and colin cancer on my dad's side (my dad seems to adjusted quite well to not having a colon)

Do you all think I'm crazy for suspecting Celiac? Are there other disorders that I should be looking into?

I'm really not sure if the depression is making some of these symptoms worse, or if there is something causing the depression and other symptoms.

I hope this wasn't too much information. I just feel rather lost as to where to go from here.

Thank you very much,


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Do you need a doctor's diagnosis? If not, just stop eating gluten and see how you feel.

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Hi odearme,

You've come to a good place. This forum will help you along the journey to discovering your ills. So here is my list:

1. Stop thinking you are hypochondriac. It won't help in discovering the real problem. Something is making you feel so crap/yuck.

2. Read and research lots of different posts and webpages. Get a feel for what and who seems to fit your symptoms.

3. Get tested (((search the forum for reliable lists of blood test, etc to take to your doc)))) and if you don't want to or feel the need for more tests then stick with gluten free. It isn't as hard or expensive as the mainstream media/internet would otherwise suggest to you. ((I am saving on my grocery bill from having to buy a lot less processed food)) Rice, rice noodles, meats, fruit and veg are about 90+% of my diet for the time being.

What is your home/work (etc) circumstances? You don't have to divulge but it seems to have a big impact for many of us. I've been maintaining a gluten household (single mother of Liam 9y/o). Liam is amazingly supportive at his young age but as soon as he got home (hug/kiss/ handling his gluten after school snack) has caused me the last 6 hours of grief.

If I hadn't been one of the (((or was I))) lucky ones who had a natural gluten avoidance (no breakfast, bread/roll with dinner/lunch) etc I would have been a mess and probably "hypochondriac" like you.

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I would say with your vitamin/mineral levels low that you might have Celiac? If you want to be tested you'll need the full Celiac panel.

Be aware that about 20-30% of us test negative in our blood work, but in fact do have Celiac.

If you are still eating gluten ask for an endoscope with at least 8 samples for biopsy. It is the gold standard for DX. You will probably have to insist on the scope if your Dr. is like most and doesn't think you have it.

If an official DX isn't that important to you, try going on a completely gluten free diet for 3 months. Some people need that official DX to help them stay absolutely gluten-free, and to have their family, Dr.s, etc. to take them seriously.

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I have not gotten my results for my celiac panel back yet.

But I did test positive for IgE to gluten, antibody reaction to gluten, so my doctor said that if I dont test positive for celiac, I am one of the rare people with a gluten allergy....so just because you didn't test positive for Celiac, doesn't mean that you might not have an allergy to gluten...which has similar symptoms as celiac.

I felt like a hypocondriac for the last 2 years too. I have had random stomach pain for 10+ years, in the last 3-4 years, since having my second child it has been a lot more frequent and worse. Then in April I tested as severly deficient in Vitamin D, and I have been struggling with my Vitamin D levels since, if I forget or get lazy about supplementing I start getting extremely fatigued again. My stomach pain has gotten much worse and more frequent over the last 4 months lasting at one point 2 days straight, which was longer than it had ever lasted before. I totally felt like a hypochondriac and didn't want to ask my doctor to test me, as the last doctor I mentioned it to, said 'Thats most likely gas pain'...uh I know what gas feels like, not pain like this!

So...I got an allergy testing through work, and low and behold I showed a reaction to gluten. I then went to my doctor, and I wish now I would have trusted myself 1.5 years ago when I first thought it might be celiac/gluten and gotten tested.

So if you think it might be, I would go see another doctor and ask for a full gluten allergy/celiac panel.

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No, you aren't a hypochondriac. You have legitimate reason for concern. Your lab panel was not complete, so quite frankly your doc can't say you were negative.

Get a complete panel, push for an endoscopy if you want (regardless of blood tests).

In the end, you can go gluten-free on your own and see if it helps, that's the good news.

I would also request a full thyroid panel, including Hashimotos Disease. The two diseases are closely related and the symptoms overlap. Your ADHD, cold hands, depression, constipation are hypo (in some cases hyper) symptoms.

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