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Soothing A Child After Accidental Glutening?

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Sorry to hear that you've had a rough couple of days!


Just like getting oxygen on an airplane in an emergency, you have put it the mask on the adult first and then the child! Please take care of yourself (we moms are so bad at this)!


I just wanted to point out that at this point in your daughter's healing that the tiniest amounts of gluten can be magnified tens times over!  A little gluten now knocks me for a loop for seven days!  Before my dx, I had no symptoms other than a little anemia and I already had a genetic anemia.


Take care!

Hi, I'm so glad and appreciative that you said this about the "tiniest amount."



It kind of disgusts me that the medical community doesn't know this about the heightened sensitivity -- I feel fairly certain that my daughter's symptoms right now are not a set-back....just another glutening. I'm not rushing her to the doctor now for a biopsy, etc.


I feel strongly that the medical community needs to come up with a new "gold standard" for Celiac disease. There's no way I'm going to put her through a gluten-challenge, and I also feel that removing pieces of her small intestine is a poor way to determine the disease.



One of my biggest challenges is to get her to drink more fluids. I think that contributes greatly to her headaches.


I'm doing my best to stay calm and to relax and get enough sleep, etc. 


We have a family wedding to go to in a week, and I'm starting to try to figure out how to handle the food aspect. One thought is to not even go to the reception, just go to the ceremony! :-)

Me: various symptoms such as eczema throughout my life; HLA-DQ2 gene

Daughter: positive blood test and HLA-DQ2 gene; no biopsy. Gaining weight and grew taller since gluten-free; had been same weight for 2 years.

gluten-free since May 1


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You might want to pack a picnic lunch and eat it between the wedding and the reception.    You can still dance and have fun socializing!  Be sure to pack pieces of gluten-free cake or cupcakes, so you and your daughter won't feel left out.  You can always have drinks/sodas during the reception.   We did this a few years back (hubby gluten-free).  We didn't even miss anything at the reception since they were taking photos.  


In the past, I have always brought gluten-free treats and snacks for my hubby (I love my garage freezer) for weddings and parties.  We have an RV now, so it's a lot easier and a little more discreet that tailgating it!  

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