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Is There Any Point To Genetic Testing?

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I am formally diagnosed but my husband is not. He went gluten free 13 years ago at the advice of my allergist and his MD. He will not do a challenge. Why bother? It has been so long and we know gluten bothers him. I do not recall the statistic, but about 1/3 of the US population has the gene for celiac disease.

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Nope! It's a little late for that....I already have 3 kids. LOL!



When my kids made a comment one time about the bad genes I gave them I said " I did not know they were bad genes and if I had and decided not to have children that would have not worked so well for you would it " lol :lol:


I had gene testing done ( just last Dec). When I received the results it was a bit :Panticlimactic 

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I had gene testing to help my teens remove gluten.  At the time of my diagnosis they each had a list of lifelong symptoms that could be attributed to Celiac, after their negative blood work our Ped dismissed the idea and we weren't sure we wanted to put them through endoscopy.  My celiac doc recommended we test me as it may be a piece of the puzzle.  Turned out I have two plus copies which means all of my children have at least one copy.  This information helped them decide to go gluten-free for at least three months.  Their symptoms improved or resolved, one was unable to tolerate any gluten after elimination and was diagnosed Celiac Disease - the other can eat out safely off gluten-free menus remains undiagnosed NCGS.


Adult daughter with five other autoimmune diseases was diagnosed with Celiac based on my history, one positive gliadin test along with increased lymphocytes, but negative biopsy.  


If a person improves gluten-free after negative blood work, the gene test can be helpful to obtain diagnosis.


Gene tests are not for everyone, but are useful.


PS...with five years of hindsight we and the teens at the time wish they would have had endoscopy as there have been times when each of them was unsure of their need to be completely gluten-free.  They have no issue living gluten-free now, but they did have some tough experiences during high school.

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If your one teen was unable to tolerate any gluten after elimination, then how did they get diagnosed? Did the doctor diagnose based on symptoms and genetic tests?


Lifelong symptom resolution by removing gluten, the inability to ingest for challenge, improved nutrient levels gluten-free and Mom's history (genes).



Can genetic testing rule out celiac?





Some doctors say only DQ2 and DQ8 are associated with Celiac.


Others include several more as associated with Celiac or NCGS.


Then there are folks that have been diagnosed by antibodies and biopsy yet have none of the associated genes.


If you have removed gluten, improved health and are unable to ingest gluten for a challenge -- gene testing may be useful to you as another piece of the puzzle.

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