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OK - I'm a noob to all of this...  I have had celiac labs done and all came back negative, but given my current Lupus diagnosis and my list of symptoms, my GI doc has chosen to move forward with a scope and biopsy to verify what is going. 


Here is my issue.  They can't get me in until November 6th.  I am running three marathons (yes, that's a lot - I know - no judging) between now and then, and the GI issue I am facing is making it difficult to run long distances.  I'm considering implementing a somewhat gluten free or at least low FODMAP diet to try and diminish my symptoms.


I'd really be shooting myself in the foot for the biopsy, wouldn't I?  My last race is November 2nd (NYC Marathon), so I wouldn't have time to do a true gluten challenge before the procedure. 


Sorry for being such a novice at this - I just want to feel better and they've given me nothing except "here's your appointment on November 6th".  All I know to do is change my diet...


Thanks so much for any help you might be able to give!

 - Jill

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Sounds like you already know the answer... But, you need to be eating a normal gluten containing diet for diagnosis of Celiac Disease.  You could see if you could get in sooner if they have a  cancellation?






"Any changes in your diet can affect the 
accuracy of your biopsy results. It is 
necessary for you to be eating gluten 
every day for at least 12 weeks before the 
procedure. If you are scheduled for a biopsy 
and are not eating gluten, talk to your 
doctor about what is necessary to obtain 
accurate results. If you have a biopsy and 
have eaten gluten only a short time before 
the test, you and your physician will not 
know if a negative test result is accurate or 
due to your diet. "

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Sounds  like you know what the correct answer is. I won't advise you to continue running 3 marathons if you are eating gluten and having symptoms. Fitness goals are important but your health should come first. I body build and putting my goals aside for the first ~6 months after diagnosis was difficult but well worth it.

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Like Karen and Jamie said you already know what the logical choice should be.

I managed to run just a 1/2 marathon just before my diagnosis (bike century rides are my thing). I finished it but I was not strong. A few months later and my hemoglobin was so low that they wanted to give me transfusions. A few more months went by and I got my diagnosis, but the damage was done. I suffered vertebrae fractures doing NOTHING! Talk about slowing down your exercise regime! I had no clue that my bones were compromised by celiac disease .

Took me a year to heal. I was really afraid of falling off my bike, tripping on the trail or damaging my heart from the anemia. I realized I needed to take care of me and if I played my cards right, I'd be back on my bike and running. I am now training for El Tour de Tucson in November. Ran on the trail this morning. Swimming laps. Just a year ago, I could barely walk.

So, GI issues just might be the least of your concerns!

Good luck in whatever you decide to do.

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Thanks so much everyone for your thoughts.  I unfortunately have a limited number of docs in the area I live in, and an even more limited number I can go to due to the hospitals they 'operate' at.  My non-GI symptoms are managed pretty effectively by my neurologist and my rheumatologist, but it's this GI stuff that is getting to me.  Hard to run 26 miles when you have to 'go' every 5!   I'll have to call and see about perhaps pushing the appointment up in some way.  


I don't know that even have Celiac - could very well just be IBS - the symptoms in conjunction with my Lupus symptoms would look pretty similar. 


I really appreciate everyones thoughts.  I do have one string to pull at the physician's office.  Maybe I'll try that and see if I can get the test moved up to a more manageable timeframe.  


Thanks again!

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I continued to run during my pre diagnosing... Not marathons by any means but up to 15km routinely. I took pepto bismal at the beginning of every run over 10km to slow the "go".

There is no reason to stop running or to cancel your marathons in my opinion. If you can manage the symptoms then go for it, exercise is good for you. Your doctor would tell you to stop if it was necessary.

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