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WORSE after going gluten free?

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I have a gluten intolerance, and I went gluten free in September last year. At first everything was great, and then a month or two later I really started to realize how sensitive I was. Even the SMALLEST amount of gluten will make make me sick and it takes a week to fully bounce back. I live with my parents who both eat gluten so it's been very difficult to avoid getting sick, and also teaching them to be careful about cross contamination. By November I was getting sick like twice a month at least. The worst one yet (i think the first time i got sick from more than just cross contamination) was almost a month and a half ago and I'm still recovering. BUT, it's not the physical symptoms like feeling sick, etc., that has been bothering me the most for the past few months. It's anxiety. The funny thing is, my social anxiety has gotten a lot better since I stopped eating gluten but then I've developed this whole other anxiety. I'm just so scared that I'm going to get sick. I've been a LOT more careful with food and have only been eating what I make myself, and haven't gotten sick since last time. But the past month has been hell with my anxiety. I've been having panic attacks (which is a first for me) and am almost scared to go in public because I'm scared that I'll start to feel sick. I sometimes skip meals because I'm so worried.. even if it's just fruit or something! And I can't eat before I go in public.. I have to be hungry, otherwise I'll feel anxious. That last one has been going on for a few months, but only in the past month have I actually had a panic attack because of it. I went to the store just the other night, and ended up having a panic attack! I'm just SO frustrated and tired of this. How do I deal with this?! Part of me also wonders if it could be another food intolerance.. Since going gluten free I've discovered that red 40 makes me VERY anxious, and stevia makes me sick as well. Why not another thing, right? I guess I'm ranting a bit.. I've had a difficult few months.. especially the last month! I thought being gluten free would make me feel better, not make me scared to leave my house.. Help!

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You are a minor and I do not think you can do this alone.  You need to get your parent's involved.   If they are not willing to help you, you need to find a trusted adult (school counselor, clergyman,  doctor, social services -- someone who can get you medical help.

I think your parents probably do not believe that you have a celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity. You may have to consider a gluten challenge (maybe do it in the summer) and get a referral to a GI for celiac testing.  T

Please get some help.  We can offer sympathy and advice, but really you need more.




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