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I live near Denver, near the foothills and I'm looking for a Doctor that either specializes in Celiac or has the disease him or herself.  That would be amazing.  I have seen 3 different doctors who all sympathize and kind of understand the list of it, but by no means are fully understanding of this.  I feel like I'm always telling them why I can't just take any medicine, or do this or that, or why I can't work in a bakery...this all stems from me having to do a lot of disability paperwork and never, ever having it filled out correctly.  I was denied multiple times because of ignorance.  I would really appreciate any help.

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i do know of a doc that has celiacs but they are in thexstate of pa. as far as disability a couple tips. first list all ur diagnosis big or small n in order of significance. second explain how the symptoms prevent u from working. u listed bakery. say i cannot work in environment where i am exposed to gluton and since my training work experience or skill set is in bakery or hospitality i am unable to perform duties of these jobs bc my exposure to gluton makes me sick. therefor causing me to miss work n miss pay. go farther and say celiacs causes me to be fatigued and unable to concentrate. these are examples w out knowing ur full story. and how to word it so it is more legit. i hv had disability due to other issues. another thing if celiacs is anyway affecting ur joints say that. give concrete answes. dont just list stuff they think could be symtoms of anything. goodluck. also list what treatment you hv received. example if u get physical therapy. u want provide details of how it affects u on a daily basis. not everything that u hv experienced. 

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