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Background Heritage Question

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add one more for the Irish. I heard it said that the Romans never got far enough north to sleep with us. Others say it was too cold and we were too crazy for the Romans to bother with. And that was the second theory, the Irish all slept together and the gene pool got a little shallow.

I was always called the kid with the cheap Irish skin. Now I've got a dx.

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This is getting interesting....definitely a trend slanted towards Ireland and Northern Europe! And a few people mentioning Native American, which I would expect since that population would have had the shortest exposure to gluten. It would be interesting to see what the incidence is with 100% Native Americans....I'll bet it's very high. I've seen a couple of people from South Africa posting here, also Australia...it would be interesting to know about their heritage too!



Enterolab 1/2006

IgA & tTg Positive

DQ2-0201 (celiac) and DQ1-0604 (gluten)

Casein IgA positive

Mom has 2 celiac genes

Both kids have a celiac gene.

Lots of celiac disease in my family, both sides.

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