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How Long Does It Take Before Everything Looks Normal When You Go To The Bathroom?

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It took me about 1.5 years to finally feel normal again. I also had to give up dairy to get there though, and along the way found other foods that disrupt me.

If you can't tolerate dairy does that mean it's doing damage to your villi?

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I think it can, but more importantly its causing your system to react to something which isn't good. I think we're under constant autoimmune overload when we eat stuff we are intolerant of.

I think it's a shame some of these companies gouge you for gluten free foods.Like

18 oz bag of bread mix for $7.25.If your going to make your own bread you might as well get a all purpose gluten free flour and make your own.I tried Tom Saywers all purpose gluten free flour

and I think it is great! I made bread,pancakes and brownies which were all very good.

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I've been gluten free for 5 weeks and my stools are still clay colored,how long does it take to get normal?

For my son, who is 12, it took over 12 weeks for the stools to regain "normal" color. However he still suffers from intense intestinal pain. He is also dairy free.

Good luck

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