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Smart Squeeze

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So I've really been missing butter. I use coconut oil or shortening to cook, but I miss that butter flavor on waffles, potatoes, etc. I found Smart Squeeze, which wouldn't be great for baking (so the label says), but for topping stuff it should work. I emailed them (the company is Smart Balance) and here's their response--enjoy!:

We are happy to be able to advise you that all the products offered by GFA

Brands (with the exception of Smart Balance H-O cereals) are gluten free.

Smart Squeeze is also free of dairy and soy. It should cause no problem for


If we may be of additional assistance, please do not hesitate to call or


Joan Dippolito

Consumer Relations

Smart Balance Inc.

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I've found it at Food Lion and Kroger. I haven't tried it yet, so I can't attest to the taste or anything. The main ingredients are modified food starch (from corn), water, and sugar, I believe. It's supposed to be "good for you," and it doesn't seem full of hydrogenated fats, like some of the butter substitutes.

I'm glad that you've tried it, Patti--I love to hear from those with experience before I try something new!

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